But this is a boon for you because you can open blocked website using this. Go through the steps below. Go to Google.com; Now search for that particular blocked website on Google. After that you will see written Cached below the title of the website and in-front of URL of the site. Click on Cached and now you can see that website is opening.

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How to Block Websites On iPhone and iPad

Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Prinvacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Web Content > on the next screen, tap on Allowed Websites only option. After this, only the websites listed under “Only Allow These Websites” section will be accessible on your iPhone or iPad and all other websites will be blocked. Answered: Sky has infuriatingly blocked sites that are Nov 11, 2019 How to Block Websites on Edge Browser (Simple Way)

How to Block Any Website On Your Computer, Phone, or

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