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ShorewallBasics - Community Help Wiki Jan 03, 2012 shorewall.conf: Shorewall global configuration file • Change DISABLE_IPV6=Yes to DISABLE_IPV6=No • Reload Shorewall DOCKER=[Yes|No] Added in Shorewall 5.0.6. When set to Yes, the generated script will save Docker-generated rules before and restore them after executing the start, stop, reload and restart commands. GitHub - inkblot/puppet-shorewall

Beginning with Shorewall 4.4.13, you may use a zone-list which consists of a comma-separated list of zones declared in shorewall-zones [7] (5). route, ipv6-route or 41 IPv6 Route extension header. frag, ipv6-frag or 44 IPv6 fragmentation extension header. none, ipv6-nonxt or 59 No next header

Jul 24, 2012 Any firewall distros with NAT64 support out of the box? : ipv6 I have looked at the usual suspects pfsense, vyos, ClearOS and untangle. None of them provide an easy NAT64+DNS64 solution. RDNSS support would be Switch to Shorewall or another more modern firewall than

If you run both IPv4 and IPv6 Shorewall firewalls, a given interface should only be listed in one of the two configurations. TYPE - [external|internal] Optional. If given specifies whether the interface is external (facing toward the Internet) or internal (facing toward a local network) and …

The IPv6 analog of Proxy ARP is Proxy NDP (Neighbor Discovery Protocol). Beginning with Shorewall 4.4.16, Shorewall6 supports Proxy NDP in a manner similar to Proxy ARP support in Shorewall: If you're using Shorewall, then you're about 90% done already. Otherwise you'll have to configure your own NDP proxy, such as ndppd. Configuring IPv6 - LEAF Project 6wall is for IPv6 what Shorewall is for IPv4. 6wall is an IPv6 firewall which is derived from Shorewall version 1.4. So if you're familiar with Shorewall you should have no problem configuring 6wall. The best way to start is to read-up on Tom Eastep's excellent Shorewall documentation. Bering-uClibc 5.x - User Guide - IPv4 Networking