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Jul 01, 2012 BBC iPlayer, streaming it TO a PS3 — Digital Spy The thing which is stopping iPlayer from working on PS3 up to now has been that iPlayer needed Flash 9 and PS3 had Flash 7. But Wii's only got Flash 7 too, so BBC are probably using the HTTP headers to offer a different, Flash 7-based version to Wii browsers based on recognising the headers, just as it does with iPhone/iPod Touch. BBC Media Player - Apps on Google Play Sep 14, 2016

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Get BBC iPlayer - Microsoft Store en-GB Nov 03, 2019 BBC iPlayer - Wikipedia A BBC iPlayer app is available to download from Samsung Apps for Samsung Smart TV. Sony added BBC iPlayer to its BRAVIA Internet Video service, included in its 2010 range of televisions and Blu-ray players. On 9 September 2010, iPlayer was added to Sony's BRAVIA televisions, having previously only been available on Blu-ray players.

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BBC IPlayer Downloads stops downloading. — Digital Spy The 12 MB issue is a strange one - if you watch any download, they all stop at 12 MB for a brief moment. BBC Iplayer has always had ability to start a download, and stop it, and resume at a later date. Of course, people start a download and cancel straight away because it is the wrong one.