To know it, checks inside the ICMP message because it contains the header of the original UDP datagram. The UDP port minus 33434 gives the position of that device in the route to Keep in mind that Windows imnplementation of traceroute uses ICMP instead of UDP, that is …

How does traceroute work with UDP (on packet level)? 1. TRACERT is based on windows,and traceroute is based on linux . 2. i will response with ttl overtime or destionation port unreachable. 3. this question,beased on different software realise. 4. becase udp will use a random port, so best regards 「tracertとUDPについて」(1) Windows Server Insider - @IT Mar 15, 2007 WinMTR download | Apr 15, 2013

[ScreenOS] Firewall drops UDP Traceroute - Juniper Networks

When the TTL on a packet reaches 0, the router is expected to return an ICMP time Exceeded message to the source computer. tracert determines the path by sending the first echo Request message with a TTL of 1 and incrementing the TTL by 1 on each subsequent transmission until the target responds or the maximum number of hops is reached. Traceroute - Comment Ça Marche Traceroute est un outil de diagnostic des réseaux, présents sur la plupart des systèmes d'exploitation, permettant de déterminer le chemin suivi par un paquet. La commande traceroute permet What is My Traceroute (MTR)? | Cloudflare

Most traceroute clients (such as UNIX and Cisco) send UDP packets outbound. The outbound packets will be dropped, so the protocol does not matter. The Windows tracert client sends ICMP packets outbound; Figure 5.11 shows Windows tracert output for a route to

traceroute,現代Linux系統稱為tracepath,Windows系統稱為tracert 依據上述原理,利用了 UDP 數據包的 Traceroute 程式在數據包到達真正的目的主機時,就可能因為該主機沒有提供 UDP 服務而簡單將數據包抛棄,並不返回任何信息。爲了解決這個問題,Traceroute 故意使用了 - Definitions for "traceroute"