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Oct 14, 2019 · Did you know that it's possible to make money from running your own Minecraft Server. Minecraft is one of the worlds most popular games with over 100 million people playing it every month. While not all servers make money, the most popular ones can bring in over $100k every month. If your trying to start up a new minecraft server or currently run a server trying to make money, STOP. There are literally thousands of better easier ways to make money. The only real benefit to running your own server now, as someone who is new to the minecraft server game, is the satisfaction and enjoyment owning a server brings you. 8. Use it as a web server. If you need to serve a modest amount of content to a smallish audience, an old server can easily run as a web server. Be mindful of security though if you’re opening up your server to the outside world. You could also deploy the server as a website mirror to keep a local copy of all your company’s most accessed

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