Different Certificate Authorities (CAs) have different requirements, or perhaps restrictions is a better word, around the use of their own particular Wildcard products. We like to make things very easy for our customers. You will find on our website information about using our Wildcard SSL certificate with multiple IP addresses.

Certify Your Windows IIS Website - simple free Certify SSL Manager manage free https certificates for IIS. Professional SSL Certificate Management for Windows, powered by Let's Encrypt. Easily install and auto-renew free SSL/TLS certificates from letsencrypt.org and other ACME Certificate Authorities for your IIS/Windows servers. Setting up https has never been easier. How to Renew an SSL Certificate on Microsoft IIS 8 and 8.5 SSL certificate renewal installation on IIS 8 & 8.5. First, save the certificate file named ‘your_domain_name.cer’ to the IIS server. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager from the start screen. On the left panel, choose your server’s hostname in the Connections; In the central panel, double-click on Server Certificates. asp.net - IIS 7 Error "A specified logon session does not Nobody probably cares about this anymore, but I just faced this issue with my IIS 7 website binding. The way I fixed it was going to the Certificate Authority and finding the certificate issued to the server with the issue. I verified the user account that requested the certificate. I Then logged into the IIS server using RDP with that account. SSL For Free - Free SSL Certificates in Minutes

Wildcard SSL certificates secures your website URL and an unlimited number of its subdomains. For example, a single Wildcard certificate can secure www.coolexample.com, blog.coolexample.com, and store.coolexample.com.. Wildcard certificates secure the common name and all subdomains at the level you specify when you submit your request.

For the website with the subdomains I have a wildcard certificate (*.domain.com) and I also have certificates specifically for the other sites (domain2.com and domain3.com). Can such a setup be hosted on the same IIS (if that matters, in an Azure Cloud Service web role)?

Sep 12, 2019

How To Generate CSR For Wildcard SSL Certificate In IIS 7?