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Have you any logins or any way like recovery emails or phone numbers then there is a chance to recover old emails then remove them. Otherwise, it is quite difficult. I have one Gaming Website and it has one old email which was stolen and using by someone else but luckily, he didn't change the recovery email and I recover it from my recovery email. How to remove defunct Email Address from Account - Windows Oct 23, 2019 Use This Site To Delete Old Accounts You Don't Use Anymore Aug 26, 2013

Remove accounts from your Galaxy phone or tablet

Jun 22, 2020 Remove accounts from your Galaxy phone or tablet Clear out all the old baggage. You can remove an account from your Galaxy phone if you're no longer using it, or if you don't want it associated with your phone anymore. Just remember: after it has been removed, you will not have access to any of the account's data unless you add the account back again. How to close your Microsoft account

How To Delete your email Account From Windows 10 Mail App

Jan 21, 2020