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Drupal 7: PHP fatal error 'Undefined class constant MYSQL Jul 30, 2019 Buffered and Unbuffered queries - Auckland Buffered and Unbuffered queries. Queries are buffered by default. This means that query results are stored in memory, which allows additional operations like counting the number of rows, and moving (seeking) the current result pointer. Unbuffered MySQL queries execute the query and then return a resource that points to the result set. This uses PHP :: Bug #56931 :: MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY on The problem is that I get unexpected behaviour in the way PDO/PDO_MySQL handles the MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY mode on the FreeBSD-platform. I have managed to write a small code that reproduces the problem.

The last query (and previous steps) were being evaluated multiple times. The M language is both functional and at times, lazy. In order to prevent the constant re-evaluation, buffer the list into memory. The final query output is shown below: Query Folding. We will implement the same requirements, but this time using Query Folding.

Query - Dapper Tutorial The query to execute. param: The query parameters (default = null). transaction: The transaction to use (default = null). buffered: True to buffer readeing the results of the query (default = true). commandTimeout: The command timeout (default = null) commandType: The command type (default = … Working with Databases: Query Builder | The Definitive

Optimizing PostGIS query on table using buffered point

Hi Catalin Bombea. I notice in a lot of your posts you tend to use Table.Buffer to speed up the calculation time of a query. But could you explain how exactly does this work? I have read a few posts about it but still don't understand the fundamentals. Unable to handle SQL_VARIANT types · Issue #51 · microsoft Run this query through the PDO; SELECT dbo.GREATEST(5, 6) Theses are the errors you get: Without Buffered Queries: SQLSTATE[IMSSP]: Invalid type. With Buffered Queries: Fatal error: Unknown type in sqlsrv_buffered_query::sqlsrv_buffered_query PHP MySQL Buffered Query: Execute many queries of the same This package can execute many queries of the same type all at once. There is a base class that can connect to a MySQL database using MySQLi and can queue multiple queries in a buffer to be executed later all at once using mysqli_multi_query. There are sub-classes that can compose and queue queries of different types from parameters values. Cursor Types (SQLSRV Driver) - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs